Web forum


October 17, 2021

A web forum is an Internet service (platform) for communication between Internet users (more than two participants) on one topic or several topics (depending on the specialization of the forum). One of the forms of social networking.


The essence of the forum is the creation by users (forum visitors) of their Topics with their subsequent discussion, by posting messages inside these topics. A separate topic, in fact, is a thematic guestbook. Users can comment on the declared topic, ask questions about it and get answers, as well as answer questions from other forum users and give them advice. Polls (polls) can also be arranged inside the topic, if the engine allows it. Questions and answers are saved in the forum database, and in the future can be useful both to forum participants and to any Internet users who can enter the forum knowing the site address, or having received it from search engines when searching for information. The topics of the forums can be very diverse, covering all spheres of life, and is determined either by the owners of the forum or its administration, or depends on the contingent of participants. At the same time, forums can be both specialized, for example, dedicated to music or any musical genre, as well as highly specialized, dedicated to any musical group or performer, or without specialization, in this case, users themselves choose topics that interest them. Forums can exist both autonomously, without being tied to any site, or be part of web portals.


Topics of the same topic are combined, for convenience, into the appropriate Sections and, thus, the most common hierarchy of a web forum: Sections → Topics → posts (posts). Often, several sections are brought together, calling such super-sections forums. In these cases, the web forum is divided into several forums, which in turn are divided into sections. According to the method of forming a set of topics, forums come with a dynamic list of topics and a permanent list of topics. In forums with a dynamic list of topics, ordinary members can create a new topic within the topic of the forum. [Clarify] The messages themselves usually look like: “a�

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