The supreme joy of Ukraine III convocation


July 3, 2022

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the 3rd convocation was elected on March 29, 1998. Term of office: 4 years Start of work: May 1998. End of work: April 2002. May 14, 2002 - taking the oath by deputies of the 4th convocation

Chairmen of the Rada

Alexander Tkachenko (1998-2000), Ivan Plyushch (2000-2002)

Deputy factions and groups

The data are given in the following order: the number of people's deputies in the faction/group at the time the work of the Rada of the 3rd convocation began (May 1998) - the number of people's deputies in the faction/group at the time the work of the Rada of the 3rd convocation ended (April 2002). In some cases, factions arose and dissolved during the work of the Rada, which is noted in brackets. Also, in connection with the frequent transitions of people's deputies from factions to factions, the number of some of them could grow strongly in the middle of the convocation, and by the end it would noticeably decrease. Faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine, from 120 to 113 people's deputies, chairman ‒ Petro Symonenko Faction of the People's Movement of Ukraine, from 47 to 14 people's deputies, chairman ‒ Gennady Udovenko Faction of the Socialist Party of Ukraine, from 35 to 17 people's deputies, chairman ‒ Oleksandr Moroz Faction of the Green Party of Ukraine, from 25 to 16 people's deputies, chairman ‒ Vitaliy Kononov Faction of the People's Democratic Party (until February 29, 2000), from 91 to 14 people's deputies, chairman - Alexander Karpov Faction "Hromada" (until February 10, 2000), from 40 to 12 people's deputies Faction of the Social Democratic Party of Ukraine (united), from 25 to 32 people's deputies, chairman ‒ Oleksandr Zinchenko Faction of the Progressive Socialist Party of Ukraine (until February 10, 2000), from 17 to 11 people's deputies, chairman - Natalia Vitrenko Faction of the Peasant Party of Ukraine (01.10.1998-29.02.2000), from 14 to 11 people's deputies Faction "Reforms and Order" - "Reforms-Congress" (since 12/22/1998), from 14 to 15 people's deputies, chairman - Viktor Pynzenyk Faction of the Ukrainian People's Rukh (from 03/02/1999), from 30 to 23 people's deputies, chairman - Yuriy Kostenko Faction "Batkivshchyna" (since 03/04/1999), from 23 to 24 people's deputies, chairman - Oleksandr Turchynov Faction "Yabluko" ("Yabloko") (since September 15, 2000), from 14 to 13 people's deputies, co-chairs - Mikhail Brodsky, Viktor Suslov Group "Independent" (22.07.1998-16.03.2000), from 26 to 14 people's de