Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine II convocation


July 3, 2022

Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine II convocation Elected in the 1994 parliamentary elections. Term of office: 5 years (reduced to 4 years after the adoption of the new Constitution) Beginning of the meetings: May 11, 1994 - taking the oath by the deputies of the II convocation May 12, 1998 - taking the oath by deputies of the 3rd convocation


Moroz A. A.


The Constitution of Ukraine was adopted.

Deputy factions and groups

Faction People's Movement of Ukraine, from 25 to 27 people's deputies, chairman - Vyacheslav Chernovol Faction of the Communist Party of Ukraine (“Communists of Ukraine for Social Justice and Sovereignty”), from 80 to 95 deputies, chairman - Petro Symonenko Faction of the Socialist Party of Ukraine (until 1997), from 25 to 27 people's deputies - Oleksandr Moroz, Mukhin Faction of the Peasant Party of Ukraine (1995-03.10.1996), from 25 to 27 people's deputies Group "Agrarians of Ukraine" (until 1995, from 03.10.1996), from 34 to 48 people's deputies, leader - Oleksandr Tkachenko Group "Agrarians for Reforms" (1995-03.10.1996), 25 people's deputies Interregional Deputy Group (until 1998), from 27 to 31 people's deputies, leader - Karpov Faction of the Party of Regional Revival of Ukraine (in 1998), 32 people's deputies Group "Social and market choice" (in 1996-1998) from 25 to 31 people's deputies Group "Derzhavnist" ("Statehood") (1994-12.09.1996), from 26 to 30 people's deputies, chairman - Pavlovsky Group "Center" (22.04.1994-12.09.1996), from 31 to 38 people's deputies, leader - Igor Yukhnovsky Group "Movement" (1994), 27 people's deputies Group "Independent" (in 1995-1998), from 25 to 29 people's deputies Group "Constitutional Center" (12.09.1996-1998), from 50 to 56 people's deputies Reforms group (in 1994-1997), from 27 to 36 people's deputies, chairman - Vladimir Lanovoy Group "Unity", from 26 to 37 people's deputies, leader - Taranov Faction of the Socialist and Peasant Parties of Ukraine (1998), 40 people's deputies Group "Forward, Ukraine!" (in 1998), 30 people's deputies Faction Agrarian Party of Ukraine (in 1998), 27 people's deputies



List of people's deputies of Ukraine of the 2nd convocation on the website of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Archival copy of November 7, 2010 on the Wayback Machine