Capture of Erivan (1827)


October 17, 2021

The capture of Erivan (October 1 (13), 1827) - the assault by the Russian troops of the capital of the Erivan Khanate of the fortress city Erivan, which became the culmination of numerous attempts by the Russian Empire to establish control over the Transcaucasus.


Israel Ori (1658-1711) was the first to decide that in order to liberate itself from the Persian and Ottoman invaders, the Armenian lands should focus on Russia. To this end, Ori met with Peter I in Moscow and handed him a letter from the Syunik meliks, which said: "We have no other hope, only in the Bose of the heavenly monarch, your majesty on the land of the sovereign." Peter, in turn, promised to provide assistance to the Armenians at the end of the war with Sweden, although he did not have time to do this. Since the beginning of the XVIII century. Armenians of the Erivan Khanate, subordinate to Muslim khans of Turkic origin, are fighting for national liberation. In this struggle, they were supported by the Georgian king Vakhtang VI, as well as the population of Ganja. The Armenian rebels of the Erivan Khanate actively participated in the struggle of the meliks of Syunik and Karabakh (1724-1728) against the punitive Ottoman authorities, as well as in the Russian-Iranian wars in 1804-1813 and 1826-1828 on the side of the Russian Empire.


At the time of the assault, the fortress was in charge of the brother of Sardar Hussein Khan Qajar - Gassan Khan. He was engaged in strengthening the fortress, which was built in 1582-1583 under the Ottomans, who captured the region in 1554. In 1604, the city was conquered from the Ottoman Turks by the Persians. Armenians made up a significant part of the population of the fortress. Realizing this, the sardar sent several Armenian families out of the city to Persia in advance, who could somehow help the Russians. The Persians were actively firing back, but due to the low level of artillery, and partly due to the fact that the Armenians were assigned to the guns, they often fell into the fortress. The Russian army, in turn, was well informed and fully prepared for the final sortie. During the capture of the Erivan fortress, Russian general, military historian Vasily Potto writes: “... Eighteen thousand inhabitants, most of whom were Armenians, driven by force into the fortress, asked Hassan for surrender. Their requests were in vain; the sullen Khan held back their murmurs with threats. Still discouragement

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