Habsburg Monarchy


August 11, 2022

The Habsburg Monarchy (Habsburg Empire, Danubian Monarchy or Austrian Monarchy) is the informal name for the conglomerate of fiefs that were ruled by the Austrian branch of the Habsburg dynasty. Usually used in reference to the period from 1526, when Archduke Ferdinand I of Austria took over the thrones of Bohemia and Hungary. In 1804 the Austrian Empire was formed. The term "Habsburg Monarchy" can also be used more broadly to refer to the period from 1276 (the beginning of Habsburg rule in Austria) to 1918 (the collapse of Austria-Hungary). Until 1804, the territories under the rule of the Habsburgs did not have a single official name. The name Habsburg Empire is also widely used to refer to the totality of state entities under the rule of the Holy Roman Emperor Charles V of Habsburg, including Spain, the Spanish Netherlands, Franche-Comté, Lombardy, the Kingdom of Naples, Sicily, Sardinia and the American possessions of Spain. Monarchs from the Habsburg dynasty were also Holy Roman Emperors from 1439-1806 (with the exception of the period 1740-1745).


The Habsburg Monarchy (1526-1804) included the following territories: Hereditary Austrian lands: Archduchy of Austria (Lower and Upper); Duchy of Styria duchy of Carinthia; duchy of Carniola; Margraviate of Istria; county of Tyrol; county of Gorica and Gradishka; Vorarlberg; Front Austria; Trieste; Lands of the Czech Crown: Kingdom of Bohemia duchy of Silesia; Margraviate of Moravia; Margraviate of Upper Lusatia (until 1635); Margraviate of Lower Lusatia (until 1635); kingdom of Hungary; the Grand Duchy of Transylvania; military border; The Kingdom of Croatia and Slavonia. In addition, in some historical periods, the Habsburg Monarchy also included the following possessions: Austrian Netherlands (1713-1792); Duchy of Milan (1713-1797); Lombardo-Venetian kingdom (1815-1866); Kingdom of Naples (1713-1735); kingdom of Sardinia (1713-1720); Temeswar Banat (1718-1778); Vojvodina and Northern Bosnia (1718-1739); Oltenia (1718-1738); Kingdom of Sicily (1720-1735); Duchy of Parma (1735-1748); Kingdom of Galicia