Major General


July 3, 2022

Major General - rank, as well as the primary military rank of the highest officer (commanding) staff, located between a colonel or brigadier general and a lieutenant general. A major general usually commands a division (about 15,000 personnel). Initially, the major general (major-general) was called the sergeant-major general (sergeant-major-general), that is, the chief sergeant major. In the old days, sergeants were assistants to company commanders, from whom the current sergeants, sergeants and non-commissioned officers descended, as well as regimental sergeants (sergeant majors), who were assistants to the regiment commander - majors come from them. Thus, the sergeant-major general was the assistant to the general (commander-in-chief). Echoes of this system persist in the US Army, where there is the rank of Sergeant Major in the Army. The rank of lieutenant general originally meant the deputy general (commander in chief) - just like the lieutenant was originally the deputy captain (company commander); later this rank was transformed into a lieutenant (lieutenant in French means the guardian of the place, deputy). In the Navy (Navy), the military rank of major general corresponds to the ship rank of rear admiral.


Russian Federation

In the Russian Federation - Russia, and earlier in the Armed Forces of the USSR, before the military rank of a serviceman serving in a guards military unit, on a guards ship, the word "guards" (Guards Major General) is added. The words “Justice” (Major General of Justice) or “Medical Service” (Major General of the Medical Service) are added to the military rank of a serviceman or citizen who is in the reserve, having a military registration specialty (VUS) of a legal or medical profile. To the military rank of a citizen who is in the reserve or retired, the words “reserve” (Reserve Major General) or “retired” (Retired Major General) are added, respectively.


1918-1945. Restored to the Red Army in 1940. Typical positions for the military of this military rank during the Great Patriotic War: army commander (1941-1942) deputy commander of the army troops / chief of staff