Coats of arms of Tatarstan


October 17, 2021

List of coats of arms of municipalities of the Republic of Tatarstan of the Russian Federation. As of January 1, 2016, there were 956 municipalities in Tatarstan - 2 urban districts, 43 municipal districts, 39 urban settlements and 872 rural settlements.

Coats of arms of urban districts

Coats of arms of municipal districts

All 43 municipal districts of the republic have approved coats of arms entered into the State Heraldic Register of the Russian Federation and the Heraldic Register of Tatarstan.

Coats of arms of settlements

First emblems

On October 18, 1781, Empress Catherine II imperially approved the coats of arms of Kazan (the old coat of arms) and the district cities of the Kazan province of Arsk, Laishevo, Mamadysh, Sviyazhsk (now the Sviyazhskoe rural settlement), Spassk (now Bolgar), Tetyushi and Chistopol. In the early 1780s, the coats of arms of the cities were approved: Bugulma (1782, Ufa governorate), Buinsk (1780, Simbirsk province), Elabuga (1781, Vyatka governorate), Menzelinsk (1782, Ufa governorate), which are currently located on the territory Republic of Tatarstan. Coats of arms of cities 1781-1782

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