Chief Executive of Hong Kong


May 28, 2022

The Chief Executive of Hong Kong (officially the Executive Director of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China) is the representative of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and the head of government of Hong Kong. The position was created to replace the Governor of Hong Kong, who was the representative of the monarch of the United Kingdom during British rule. The office under the Basic Law of Hong Kong was formally established on 1 July 1997, when the sovereignty of Hong Kong was transferred from the United Kingdom to the People's Republic of China. The functions of the Executive Director include the appointment of major officials after consultation with the Central Government of China (State Council), which is headed by the Prime Minister, the conduct of international relations, the appointment of judges and other officials, the approval of legislation by the Legislative Council, and the presentation of awards. The Basic Law gives the chief executive broad powers, but obliges him to act only after consultation with the Executive Council before making important political decisions, submitting bills to the Legislative Council, passing subsidiary legislation and dissolving the Legislative Council. The Executive Council consists of formal and non-official members, including the Chief Administrative Secretary, the most senior official and head of the government secretariat, responsible for overseeing government administration. The Executive Director holds the title of "The Honorable" and ranks first in power in Hong Kong in order of priority. The official residence of the chief executive is Government House in the central part of Hong Kong Island. The current Executive Director is Carrie Lam, who was elected on March 26, 2017, appointed by the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China in accordance with the decree of the State Council signed by Premier Li Keqiang on April 11, 2017, and took office on July 1, 2017. She is the first woman in this position. Note