Hounds Dogs


October 17, 2021

Gonchie Dogs (Latin Canes Venatici) is a constellation of the northern hemisphere of the sky. Area - 465.2 square degrees; 57 stars visible to the naked eye. The best visibility conditions are in March — April. Visible throughout Russia.

Known Objects

The brightest star of the constellation is α Hounds of the Dogs, which has its own name "Heart of Charles" in memory of the canceled constellation "Heart of Charles", which included a single star - one of the most beautiful binary stars and is the prototype of a whole class of variable stars. Star Cluster M 3 (NGC 5272) - globular cluster; contains about 500 thousand stars. The Whirlpool Galaxy (М 51 or NGC 5194) is a spiral galaxy of the Sc type. It is 38 million light years distant from us. In 1994, a supernova was observed in the galaxy. Has a satellite galaxy - NGC 5195. Galaxy M 106 (NGC 4258) is a peculiar spiral galaxy of the Sbp type. Removed from us at a distance of 21 million light years. A pair of galaxies NGC 4490 (10th apparent magnitude) and NGC 4485 - 12.5th. NGC 4449 is an irregular galaxy that Edwin Hubble cited as a sample of irregular galaxies. There is an active star formation in it. The reason for this is the absorption of a more powerful galaxy by a smaller one. Galaxy M 94 (NGC 4736) is a spiral galaxy of the Sb type. It has a very bright inner region in which active star formation is taking place. The pair of galaxies NGC 5005 (C 29) and NGC 5033 are spiral. NGC 5005 is brighter. The Sunflower Galaxy (M 63 or NGC 5055) is a spiral galaxy of the Sb type. It belongs to the same group with the galaxy M 51. In 1971, a supernova explosion was observed in the galaxy. Galaxy NGC 4395 is a spiral galaxy with low surface brightness. It is 11 million light years distant. In the center of the galaxy a very small "black hole" was discovered, which is 65-66 thousand times more massive than the Sun. The Keith galaxy (NGC 4631, C 32) is a spiral galaxy of the Sc type. Visible from the edge. Observed together with the elliptical galaxy NGC 4627. Scrap Galaxy (NGC 4656). Galaxies NGC 4151 and NGC 4145. NGC 4145 is known as the "Eye of Sauron". This is a Seyfert barred spiral galaxy of the Sba type. Scientists suggest the presence of a supermassive "black hole" in its center. Galaxy NGC 4244 (C 26). Turned to us "edge". Galaxy NGC 4214 is irregular, type IBm.


New constellation. Introduced by Jan Hevelius in the celestial atlas "Uranographia", and

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