Hudson, Henry


July 3, 2022

Sir Henry Hudson (Hudson) (Eng. Henry Hudson; September 22, 1570-1611?) - English navigator of the early 17th century. Known for exploring the territories of modern Canada and the Northeast United States. The date and place of his birth are not exactly known, but according to some assumptions, he was born on September 22, 1570 in London. It is believed that he died in 1611 in what is now Hudson Bay in Canada as a result of a mutiny on a ship.

Birth and early years

The details of Hudson's birth and early years are virtually unknown. Some sources state that Hudson was born around 1565; according to other information, his birth dates back to 1570. Supposedly, Hudson spent many years at sea, beginning his career as a cabin boy and gradually rising to the rank of captain.


In 1607, the Moscow Trading Company, one of the few English companies that had a royal charter, hired Captain Henry Hudson to find a northern route to Asia. At that time, the Arctic region was completely unexplored, and traders assumed that by moving north, northeast or northwest, they would find the shortest route to Asia. Hudson sailed on the ship Halve Man into the Arctic Ocean and headed northwest. In early June, he reached the eastern coast of Greenland and moved along it in a northerly direction, while making a map of the area. On June 20, the ship moved away from the coast and headed east, reaching the northern tip of the Svalbard archipelago on July 17. At this point, the ship was only 577 nautical miles (1,100 km) from the North Pole, and ice blocked the way. July 31 Hudson decided to return to England. On the way back, Hudson may have discovered Jan Mayen Island (according to other sources, it was later discovered by the Dutch captain, whose name it is named after). In 1608, Hudson once again tried to find a northern trade route, this time moving east, but, having reached the Novaya Zemlya archipelago, he again stumbled upon ice blocking the path and was forced to return. Other ships of the company have reached this limit point before, but the northern route to Asia has never been found. Hudson wished to continue his search and joined the Dutch East India Company. This company was also extremely interested�