October 17, 2021

Jazz (English jazz) - a kind of musical art, formed under the influence of African rhythms, European harmony, with the involvement of elements of African American folklore. Jazz as a phenomenon originated in the 1910s in the southern United States and quickly spread to all developed countries. At home, the original style was enriched, in particular, by various regional musical characteristics. Popular music and jazz became almost equal terms for many people in the 1920s, with American critics opposing it primarily to the US commercial music industry. In the 20th century, the direction was constantly changing, passing through several characteristic stages of development. During the 1930s and 1940s, the term was destabilized by the swing boom and be-bop movement. Modern meaning emerged in the 1950s when jazz was consolidated into a musical genre, with descriptions that combined different styles from all time periods. Most varieties of the genre are characterized by swing, vocal expression, improvisation, reliance on riffs, the use of frets with blues notes. Gradually, jazz approached the sphere of high art, retaining its contradictory identity with both popular and academic music. Jazz remains prestigious and is supported by academia, founding funds, and a worldwide network of festivals. The legacy of jazz is widely recognized and continues to influence the world's musical culture.

Origin of the term

The word "jazz" (its variations: "jas", "jass", "jascz", "jasz", "jaz") originated as a slang term on the west coast around the 1910s. Its meaning changed, but initially it did not apply to music. The term "jazz" began to refer to music in Chicago around 1915. Jazz historian Lawrence Gashy noted in his writings that the word does not come from New Orleans and that early jazz musicians did not use it. They added elements of the same improvisation to ragtime and called their music "their version of ragtime." It is believed that the word migrated there in 1916 only after it was actively used in the north (they mean Chicago) and this is confirmed by hundreds of intrinsics recorded since 1958 for the William Hogan archive at Tulane University.

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