Jump Blues


October 17, 2021

Jump blues is a subgenre of blues, which is characterized by a high speed of performance, a small cast of performers and the presence of wind instruments. It was very popular in the 1940s and became the forerunner of trends such as rhythm and blues and rock and roll. The 1990s saw a resurgence of interest in jump blues within the phenomenon of swing revival.


The jump blues evolved from the big bands of Lionel Hampton and Lucky Millinder. From these bands of the early 1940s came the musicians Louis Jordan, Jack McVea, Earl Bostic and Arnett Cobb. Blues and jazz were part of the same musical world, and many musicians performed in both genres. In 1942, Lionel Hampton recorded the song "Flying Home," which Billboard described as "it's a jumper that defies standing still." Louis Jordan and Lionel Hampton combined the popular boogie-woogie rhythm with the "rough" swing-era saxophone sound of Coleman Hawkins and Ben Webster, and playful, humorous lyrics or oral digression in African American English. Jump blues became especially popular in the late 1940s. and early 1950s by Louis Jordan, Big Joe Turner, Roy Brown, Charles Brown, Helen Humes, T-Bone Walker, Roy Milton, Billy Wright and Winonie Harris. In the 1980s, jump blues was reborn by Joe Jackson and Brian Setzer, and today the jump blues performers are Roomful of Blues, Mitch Woods and modern swing bands Lavay Smith, Ross Bon & The Mighty Blue Kings and others.



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