Honored Lawyer of Ukraine


July 6, 2022

Honored Lawyer of Ukraine (Ukrainian: Honored Lawyer of Ukraine) is a state award of Ukraine, an honorary title conferred by the President of Ukraine in accordance with the Law of Ukraine “On State Awards of Ukraine”.

Position on the honorary title

In accordance with the Regulations on honorary titles of Ukraine, the honorary title "Honored Lawyer of Ukraine" is awarded to lawyers working in public authorities and local governments, prosecutors, justice, state security, internal affairs, advocacy, enterprises, institutions, organizations, for significant contribution to the development of the rule of law. Persons nominated for the honorary title "Honored Lawyer of Ukraine" must have higher education at the level of specialist or master. The honorary title is awarded by decree of the President of Ukraine. The honorary title can be awarded to citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons. Honorary titles are not awarded posthumously.

Badge description

The badge for the honorary title "Honored Lawyer of Ukraine" is similar to the badges of other honorary titles of Ukraine of the "Honored" category. The badge is made of silver. The badge has the shape of an oval wreath formed by two branches of laurel leaves. The ends of the branches below are wrapped in ribbon. In the middle of the wreath there is a figured cartouche with the inscription "Justice of Merit". The cartouche crowns the small State Emblem of Ukraine. The front side of the badge is convex. All images and inscriptions are embossed. On the reverse side of the badge there is a clasp for attaching to clothes. Breastplate size: width - 35 mm, length - 45 mm.

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