August 11, 2022

Surveyor - the position of a technician or engineer who takes plans for land plots. Also - a land surveyor, surveyor, topographer, land surveyor, tax collector.

In the Russian Empire


Before Peter I, persons involved in “description and depiction of lands” were called scribes, also scribes, watchmen; their activities were determined by special scribe orders, of which the first was issued in 1555, and the last in 1684. In the instructions of the general survey of 1754, government agents sent to delimit and survey land are called surveyors. The name of the land surveyor was officially established by a survey instruction issued in 1766.


In the land survey laws of the Russian Empire (Code of Laws of the Russian Empire, 3 part X volume), the positions of land surveyors in provinces and regions were established: provincial and regional land surveyors were in charge of the provincial drawing office and were part of the provincial government as members; in some provincial towns there were assistant surveyors; Each county had county surveyors. The boundary office consisted of senior and junior surveyors of the 1st and 2nd categories, as well as senior and junior surveyors' assistants. Land surveyors of the land surveying department were under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Justice. Under the Ministry of Agriculture and State Property, there were similar positions of tenants: senior topographers, topographers, senior land surveyors and land surveyors. The positions of land surveyors and senior and junior land surveyors also existed at the main administration of appanages.

Military surveyors

Surveys of the military department were carried out by officers-topographers and class topographers who were attached to the military topographic department of the General Staff of the Russian Imperial Army.


Land surveyors received their education mainly at the Konstantinovsky Land Survey Institute. Secondary geodetic education was provided by surveying schools. Persons who did not graduate from special surveying educational institutions, but who passed a special exam, could become tenants. Military topographers were educated mainly at the Military Topographic School in St. Petersburg.



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