Earthquake in Baluchistan (2021)


October 17, 2021

Balochistan earthquake is an earthquake that occurred on October 7, 2021 at 03:01 local time in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan.


According to the US Geological Survey, a magnitude 5.9 earthquake occurred at 03:01 am local time due to a thrust fault that is part of the fold and thrust belt beneath the Suleiman Mountains and the Central Browie Ridge.


As a result of the earthquake, the city of Harnai was seriously damaged, in which 100 adobe houses were destroyed. Damage was also reported in the cities of Sibi and Quetta. Most of the houses in the affected region are built of clay and stone, making them more vulnerable to collapse or serious damage from earthquakes. Suhail Anwar Hashmi, deputy commissioner of the Balochistan government, said most of the deaths were caused by collapsing roofs and walls. The earthquake caused landslides that blocked roads. At least 26 people died. An unspecified number of residents were buried under the rubble of collapsed buildings. The number of injured is 300, and many hospitals in Baluchistan are overwhelmed by the influx of patients. Ten wounded were airlifted to Quetta. In the second half of the same day, on which the disaster occurred, the funeral of the victims took place. The district hospital in Harnay received 15 corpses and many seriously injured children. Many patients were treated outside the hospital building due to lack of room in the wards. The four dead were miners who died when their mine collapsed. It is also reported that dozens of miners in Baluchistan have gone missing, allegedly trapped. In another case, a mother and two of her children died in their sleep when their house collapsed. Another girl, eight years old, was found lifeless under the rubble. Among the dead are six children.


After the earthquake, Pakistani army troops were sent to Harnai to assist in rescue operations. At least nine casualties requiring medical attention were airlifted from the affected region to Quetta. Interdepartmental public relations services, army, medical personnel, worker�

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