Golden Globe (award, 2022)


January 24, 2022

The 79th Golden Globe Awards for Lifetime Achievement in Film and Television for 2021 took place on January 9, 2022. The nominees were announced on December 13, 2021.

List of laureates and nominees

Feature film

Number of awards/nominations: 3/7: "Power of the Dog" 3/4: "West Side Story" 1/7: "Belfast" 1/4: "King Richard" 1/3: "Dune", "Being Ricardo", "Encanto" 1/2: "Tick-tock, boom!" 0/4: "Licorice Pizza", "Don't Look Up" 0/2: "CODA: Child of Deaf Parents", "Cyrano", "Strange Daughter", "Parallel Mothers"

TV categories

Number of awards/nominations: 3/5: "Heirs" 2/3: "Tricks" 1/4: "Ted Lasso" 1/3: "Playing Squid", "Pose", "Breaking" 1/2: "Meir of Easttown" 0/4: "Morning Show" 0/3: "Cleaning lady. The story of a single mother”, “Great”, “Murders in the same building” 0/2: WandaVision, Scenes from a Married Life, Lupine, Blackish

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