Cinderella (film, 1947)


October 17, 2021

"Zolushka" is a Soviet black-and-white fairy-tale feature film shot at the Lenfilm studio by directors Nadezhda Kosheverova and Mikhail Shapiro and written by Yevgeny Schwartz. Schwartz's movie tale was based on the work of the same name by Charles Perrault; At the same time, as film critics noted, the old story of a hardworking girl who lost her shoe at a ball acquired a modern sound in the film. Even at the stage of script approval, the question was raised that the film would be shot on color film, however, due to material and technical problems of the film studio, the creators of the tape were forced to abandon the color project. Yanina Zheimo (Cinderella), Alexey Konsovsky (Prince), Erast Garin (King), Faina Ranevskaya (Stepmother), Vasily Merkuriev (Forester) took part in the film. Field shooting was carried out not far from Riga, interior - in the pavilions of "Lenfilm". The sketches for the scenery and costumes of the characters were created by theater artist and director Nikolai Akimov; the processing of his illustrations in relation to the requirements of the cinema was carried out by Isaac Makhlis. The costumes for the heroes were made in the Lenfilm workshops; some of the props and outfits for the characters were provided for filming by the wardrobe shops of the Leningrad theaters. In the picture, combined filming was used, made by the additive transparency method (the inventor of the technology is the operator Boris Gorbachev). The songs of Cinderella and the Prince sounding in the film (composer Antonio Spadavecchia, text by Eugene Schwartz) were recorded by Lyubov Chernina and Yuri Khochinsky. The dance numbers in the stage of the royal ball were staged by choreographer Alexander Rumnev. The film premiered in May 1947 at the Leningrad House of Cinema. During the year, the film was watched by more than 18 million viewers (fourth place in the Soviet box office of the year). Film critics generally welcomed the release of Cinderella; at the same time, some of the reviewers noted inconsistencies associated with the exclusion from the finished tape of a number of fairy-tale characters and some storylines embedded in Schwartz's script. In 2009, the original black and white version of the painting was restored. In January 2010, a colorized version of Cinderella was presented to the audience.



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