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July 6, 2022

This article is about the individual zoo. For other Australian zoos, see the Zoos in Australia category. Australia Zoo is a zoo in Beerwah, Queensland, Australia. Winner of the Australian Tourism Awards in the category "Top Tourist Attraction" (2003-2004). Known for the fact that from 1987 until his death in 2006, a turtle named Harrietta lived in it. She lived for 175 years, she was studied by Charles Darwin himself.


The 0.4 km² zoo is located in the picturesque Sunshine Coast area, approximately halfway between the towns of Beerwah and Landsboro, and 16 kilometers from the ocean at an altitude of 35-40 meters above sea level.

Pavilions, performances

The Crocoseum (Crocoseum) Center of the zoo. Stadium with a capacity of 5000 people. At the time of opening, it was the only such place where crocodiles, snakes and birds performed at the same time. The most famous performances are Wildlife Warriors 101 and Summer Down Under. Africa (Africa) Opened September 17, 2011. Zebras, giraffes, rhinoceroses are represented, turtles and lemurs will appear in the future. An artificial island "Madagascar" was created. Tiger Temple Opened in April 2005. Sumatran and Bengal tigers (11 individuals) and 4 cheetahs are represented. The pavilion is transparent on both sides, it is possible to observe the underwater zone. Elephantasia (Elephant fantasy) Opened in 2006. Three Asian elephants live on an area of ​​4.9 hectares, for which a pool with a fountain and a tropical garden are arranged. At certain times, visitors can feed the elephants themselves. South-East Asian Precinct (Southeast Asia) Komodo monitor lizards, red pandas, eastern clawless otters, dark tiger pythons are represented. Rainforest Aviary (Aviary "Rain Forest") About 150 birds are represented, mostly inhabitants of Australia.


The zoo, measuring only 1.6 hectares, was opened on June 3, 1970 under the name "Birwah Reptile Park" by Bob and Lynn Irwin. Their son Steve helped his parents take care of animals from childhood, especially crocodiles (which he caught himself) and other reptiles. In 1980, the zoo was renamed Queensland Reptile and Fauna Park and doubled in size the same year. In the early 1990s, elderly parents went to live in the town of Rosedale, and the zoo was given into the possession of his son Steve and e