Ida Longspe


October 17, 2021

Ida (I) Longspe (Longspe) (French Ida Lungespée, English Ida Longespée; after 1206 - 1266/1269) - English aristocrat, daughter of William Longspe, 3rd Earl of Salisbury, and Ela, Countess of Salisbury. In her first marriage, she married Ralph III de Somery, Baron Dudley, the second - to William I de Beauchamp, Baron Bedford. After the death of her first husband, she received the Newport Pagnell estate in Buckinghamshire as a widow's share. Together with her second husband, Ida clashed with the prior of Newham Monastery for 7 years. During the Second Baronial War, Ida, who had been widowed for the second time, raided Little Crowley's estate in Buckinghamshire, which she probably claimed as the widow of Ralph de Somery, plundering it. For this action she was fined by the Buckinghamshire Sheriff. Ida survived two husbands and all sons; after her death, the Newport Pagnell estate, which she managed as a widow's share, apparently returned to the Somery family, and the Beauchans estates were divided among the heirs of her daughters.


Ida came from a side branch of the English royal house of the Plantagenets, the ancestor of which was William, who received the nickname Longspe or Longespe (Longsword, French Lungespée, English Longespée), which was adopted by his descendants as a generic nickname. He was the illegitimate son of King Henry II Plantagenet of England from an association with Ida de Tosni. William's half-brother, King Richard I of the Lionheart, arranged for him to marry Aloy, Countess of Salisbury, the minor heiress of the estates and earl of Salisbury. In this marriage, several sons and daughters were born, one of whom was Ida.


Ida was born no earlier than 1206. Her first husband was Ralph III de Somery, feudal Baron Dudley, who died in 1220. The marriage was childless. As a widow's share, Ida, after the death of her husband, received the estate of Newport Pagnell in Buckinghamshire. In addition, she became the patroness of Newham Monastery. Soon after the death of her first husband, Ida remarried - to William I de Beauchamp, the feudal baron of Bedford. In this marriage, three sons and three daughters were born. In the 1240s - 1250s, Ida had a serious conflict with the Newham monastery she and her husband took care of. It began in 1247, when the abbot died. The monks have chosen

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