October 17, 2021

Illustration (from Lat. Illustratio - lighting, visual image) - a drawing, photograph, engraving or other image that explains the text. An artist who illustrates a text is called an illustrator. The origin of the word "illustration" is from Late Middle English (in the sense of "enlightenment; spiritual or intellectual enlightenment"): through Old French from Latin illustratio, from the verb illustrate. Illustrations serve to convey the emotional atmosphere of a work of art, visualize the characters of the story, demonstrate the objects described in the book (botanical illustration), display step-by-step instructions in technical documentation (technical illustration). Illustrations are used to clarify complex concepts or objects that are difficult to describe with the help of text, which is the reason for the large number of illustrations in children's books, and can also be used in advertising, greeting cards, posters, books, graphic novels, storyboards, magazines, newspapers.

Art of illustration

Illustration is on the border of visual art and graphic design, as, using the means and methods of art, it obeys the concept of the project. If initially illustration was widely used and is still used in the book, magazine, advertising business, then in the modern world, as a result of the growing interest in computer games and comics, the value and use of illustration is increasing. Small images can quickly convey the main idea of ​​the text to the reader and act as a visual metaphor, and often it is not necessary to be proficient in academic drawing or adhere to a special technique to create an illustration. An illustrator can combine freehand drawing and processing in graphic editors, draw only by hand or only in graphic editors, combine different materials (paper, plasticine, dried plants, etc.), create illustrations using applique or origami.


Illustrations for the texts have been used since ancient times. When Johannes Gutenberg invented the method of printing with movable letters, he began to add drawings to the text, performed with the help of

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