historical pact


July 3, 2022

The Historic Pact Colombia Can is a Colombian electoral coalition of left and centre-left forces, consisting mainly of political parties of progressive, socialist and social democratic ideology. The pact was founded on 11 February 2021 at a press conference attended by several political leaders. It included many Colombian parties, including the Humanist Colombia, the Alternative Democratic Pole, the Patriotic Union, the Colombian Communist Party, the Democratic Unity, the Indigenous and Social Alternative Movement, the People's Rights Movement and others. The coalition took first place in the parliamentary elections on March 13, 2022, 20 senators and 27 deputies of the House of Representatives were elected from it. In the presidential elections on May 29, 2022, it is represented by presidential candidate Gustavo Petro and vice-presidential candidate Francia Marquez.



Ahead of the 2022 parliamentary and presidential elections, several political leaders held a press conference on February 11, 2021, at which the coalition was officially introduced. Among the leaders stand out Gustavo Petro, Gustavo Bolivar, Alexander Lopez, Ayda Avella, Ivan Cepeda, Maria José Pizarro, Francia Marquez. The bloc considers it its mission to present a list with a majority in Congress and a candidate who can run for the presidency of the republic. Among the founders are the Humanist Colombia, the Patriotic Union, the Alternative Democratic Pole and the Alternative Indigenous and Social Movement. Later, with the intention of expanding the coalition, a dialogue was established with various parties, such as the Green Alliance. After the Green Alliance decided to give its activists free rein to support their preferred presidential candidate, several members of the alliance supported the Historical Pact. Other organizations were also integrated into it, such as the Broad Democratic Alliance, MODEP, Civic Force, Congress of the Peoples, Labor Party of Colombia, and the Generals (former FARC party). In addition, as the coalition grew in popularity, it was joined and supported by various politicians in the country.

Cross-Party Primaries

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