Cover version


October 17, 2021

Cover version, cover version, in popular music - a new performance of an existing (usually in audio recording) song by someone other than the original performer. A cover version is called both simple and complex processing of the original with elements of a new arrangement. A collection consisting entirely of cover versions of songs by an artist or a group is called a tribute (from the English tribute - tribute, gift). An artist or group that specializes in performing cover versions is called a cover artist or a cover group, and a group that specializes in performing works of one collective is called a tribute group.


The term appeared in the mid-1940s. The term cover version (cover) denotes a piece of music in which a previously known melody or a musical theme is used and developed, "remade" by another performer. The English-language term cover version first became actively used in the Russian-language press in the 1990s in weeklies and newspapers "Ogonyok" (broadcasting .. was opened .. with a cover version of a famous aria from a musical. OG, 1995, 28; a collection of cover versions. OG, 1996, 41; Cover version of Ben I. King's song from the album "Rock and Roll" (1975). OG, 1998, 16.), "AiF" (album of cover versions. AiF, 1994, 32; Various groups performed their cover versions of the songs of this legendary [musical] band. AiF, 1994, 23.), "Week" (a cover of the old action movie of the 50s "Shakin all over". Week, 14.10.99) and others. In the cover version, elements of a new arrangement are added to a well-known author's composition, this may be an atypical reading of a previously recorded or performed musical theme with new instrumental and other changes. The intellectual rights of cover versions and other types of re-performances (such as interpretation, processing, remakes) differ and each of them has its own musical and legal characteristics. Some covers become famous and even more popular than their original versions. For example, Whitney Houston's famous pop hit "I Will Always Love You", originally recorded by performer and composer Dolly Parton. Cover versions have spawned a host of popular television shows around the world. Winners of TV talent shows such as The X-Factor, The Voice, or American Pop Idol, usually first

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