January 24, 2022

Karchemysh (Karkemish, Karchemysh, Karchemish, Karchemis; other Greek Εὔρωπος, lat. Europus) is an ancient state that existed in the 19th - late 9th centuries BC. e. in Syria and Eastern Anatolia. It is assumed that the state of Karkemysh arose at the beginning of the 2nd millennium BC. BC e. The dynasty of Karkemysh kings was one of the branches of the Hittite ruling dynasty. During its heyday, the territory of Karkemysh covered not only Syria, but also a significant part of Eastern Anatolia (modern Turkey). After the collapse of the great Hittite state, one of the rulers of Karkemysh, Kuzi-Teshub, took on the new title of “great king” (which had previously been worn only by the king of the Hittites). It can be assumed that by this act the kings of Karkemysh, originally one of the many neo-Hittite kingdoms in Northern Syria, reported that they now considered themselves the successors of the Hittites. In the early 10s of the 9th century BC. e., Karkemysh was defeated by the troops of the New Assyrian kingdom and ceased to exist as an independent state. May 605 B.C. e. In the Battle of Karkemysh, the Babylonians, led by Crown Prince Nebuchadnezzar II, utterly defeated the Egyptian troops of Pharaoh Necho II. Karchemis is mentioned in the Bible: “Is not Halne the same as Karchemis” (Isaiah 10:9)


Alpahanda I (d. 1764) Yatar-Ami (1764-1763), son and successor of Alpakhanda I Yahdun-Lim (1763 - after 1761), ml. son of Alpahanda I (?)… Piyassili (Sharri-Kushukh), son of the Hittite king Suppiluliuma I (c. 1340) […]-Sharruma, son of Piyassili Sahurunuvas (Shakhurunuva), son of Piyassili Ini-Teshshub I, son of Sahurunuvas (up. c. 1230s) Talmi-Teshshub, son of Ini-Teshshub I (up. c. 1200) Kuzi-Teshshub, son of Talmi-Teshshub (up. c. 1170, called himself “great king”))… […]-pa-cytis Ura-Tarkhuntas, son of […]-pa-cytis Tuthalias (c. 1100)… Ini-Teshshub II (up. c. 1100 (king of Hatti, the exact place in the list is unclear)) ... Suchis I Astuvatamantsas, son of Suhis I Suhis II, son of Astuvatamantsas Katuvas, son of Suhis II (pack c. 900) Sangaras (c. 870-848)… Astiruvas (c. 840) Yariris (or Araras), eunuch (?) (c. 815) Kamanis, son of Astiruvas (c. 790) Asturis (?), son of Saturas Pisiris (pack c. 730s)


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