Quintus Tullius Cicero the Younger


January 24, 2022

Quintus Tullius Cicero (lat. Quintus Tullius Cicero; late 67 or early 66 BC - December 43 BC, Rome, Roman Republic) - Roman politician, son of the commander Quintus Tullius Cicero, nephew of orator Mark Tullius Cicero and his friend Titus Pomponius Atticus. He was brought up with his cousin, Mark Cicero the Younger. At the beginning of the civil war, against the wishes of his relatives, he offered his services to Gaius Julius Caesar, but was rejected (49 BC). Later he went to Gnaeus Pompey the Great, after his defeat he again met with Caesar and obtained a pardon for himself and for his father. He held the office of aedile in the municipality of Arpinum in 46 BC. e., became a member of the Roman priestly college of the Luperks, took part in the second Spanish campaign of Gaius Julius (45 BC). After the assassination of the dictator, he joined the Republicans. In 43 BC. e. was included in the proscription list and killed along with his father. The main source of information about Quintus is the letters of Mark Cicero. The relationship between nephew and uncle was difficult: Mark did not approve of Quint's transition to the Caesarians and his way of life, he was sure that Quint was plotting against him, called his nephew a vile person. Nevertheless, in one of his philippics, the orator ranked Quintus among the most courageous defenders of the Republic.


Quintus Tullius belonged to the Roman senatorial class. His ancestors were from Arpin, a small city in the Volsci lands in the south of Latium, whose inhabitants had Roman citizenship since 188 BC. e. By the beginning of the 1st century BC. e. Tullii, who wore the cognomen Cicero (according to Plutarch, from the word "pea", Latin Cicero), were wealthy people and belonged to the Roman horsemanship. Quintus' uncle and father, Mark and Quintus respectively, moved to Rome, where they made their careers. The first, thanks to his outstanding oratorical talent, advanced to the consulate (63 BC), the second was primarily a military leader, and the praetorship of 62 BC became the pinnacle of his career. The wife of Quintus Sr., who gave birth to his only son, was Pomponia, the sister of the wealthy horseman Titus Pomponius Attica.


Early years

The exact date of birth of Quintus Tullius is unknown. The pregnancy of Pomponia is mentioned by Mark Tullius in his letter to Atticus.

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