Kyiv region


July 3, 2022

Kiev region (ukr. Kiev region), coll. Kyivshchyna (ukr. Kyivshchyna) is a region in the north of Ukraine. The regional center - the city of Kyiv - is not administratively part of it.

Physico-geographical characteristic

The area is 28,121 km². Population - 1,722,875 people (July 1, 2013), including urban population - 1,066,812 people (61.92%), rural - 656,063 people (38.08%). The center is the city of Kyiv (not part of the region), the capital of Ukraine (a city with a special status).


It is located in the middle reaches of the Dnieper, mostly on its right bank. The northern part of the region is located on the Polissya lowland. The eastern (left-bank) part is on the Dnieper lowland (absolute heights are 100–140 m above sea level within the boundaries of the region). Central and southwestern - on the gently undulating Dnieper Upland, indented by river valleys and ravines (up to 273 m above sea level). The entire territory of the region belongs to the Dnieper basin, which is the most important water artery of the region. Within the region, the Dnieper flows for 246 km and has the following largest tributaries: the Pripyat (with a tributary of the Uzh, or Usha), Teterev, Irpen, Stugna, Ros (right), Desna, Trubezh, Supoy (left). Ros and Supoy flow into the Dnieper outside the region. In total, there are 177 rivers in the region. There are few lakes, they are concentrated mainly in the north. On the territory of the region, there is a large part of the upper reservoir of the Dnieper cascade - the Kyiv (“Kiev Sea”, as it is often called (1964-1966); length 110 km, width up to 12 km, area - 922 km²; average depth up to 4 m (the greatest - 14.5 m), total volume - 3.73 thousand km³), as well as the Kanev reservoir (1978). In total, there are 13 reservoirs, over 2000 ponds, almost 750 small lakes in the region. The soil and climatic conditions of the region are favorable for growing winter wheat, sugar beets, corn, vegetables and other agricultural crops, as well as orchards and berries. For the successes achieved in the development of agriculture, the Kyiv region was awarded the Order of Lenin on February 26, 1958. The northern part of the Kyiv region lies within the zone of mixed forests (Ukrainian Polissya; Polissya lowland, 183 m), most of it is in the forest-steppe. Natural vegetation