Book of Ecclesiastes


October 17, 2021

Ecclesiastes (ancient Greek Ἑκκλησιαστής ecclesiastes; Old Hebrew קֹהֶלֶת kohelet) is a book that is part of the Jewish Holy Scriptures (Tanakh) and the Old Testament of the Bible. The seventh book of the section of the Scriptures (Ktuvim) of the Tanakh. This book, in addition to the Hebrew text, has also been preserved in many translations.


The title of the book is a Greek tracing paper from the Hebrew word "kohelet", which means a preacher in the congregation; therefore, in the Greek translation from Hebrew and, accordingly, in the Christian canon of the overwhelming majority of confessions, the book is called Ecclesiastes or Ecclesiastes (ancient Greek ἐκκλησιαστής - "speaker in the congregation"). "Kochelet" is a word that is not fixed anywhere else. In form, it is a participle of the verb "kahal" - "to gather, to convene", and is usually interpreted as "the leader of the meeting, speaking to the public" or "preaching in the congregation, teaching the people." By "assembly" is meant a gathering of full-fledged citizens, that is, in a broad sense, the entire Jewish people. There are two difficulties associated with this interpretation. First, the verb “kahal” does not exist in its original form, and only the form “hifil” is used in the causative meaning “to gather, to convene”. It turns out that "kohelet" is a participle from a non-existent verb. However, in a poetic language (and we are dealing with a poetic book) this is possible. Secondly, "kohelet" is a feminine participle, which clearly does not correspond to the gender of the author. But if we remember that abstract concepts in Hebrew are usually feminine, "kohelet" can be interpreted as instructive wisdom

Authorship question

The author of the book from ancient times is recognized - both in Jewish and Christian tradition - King Solomon. Although his name literally does not appear in the book, the person who symbolically takes on the name of Ecclesiastes calls himself the son of David and declares that he is the king of Jerusalem, and the title of the Syriac translation directly reads: “the book of Kogelet, that is, Solomon, son of David , the king of Jerusalem ". This ancient tradition was shaken in the 17th century by Hugo Grotius, who questioned its belonging to Solomon. It should be noted, however, that even in the Talmud there were certain doubts - although the author was considered So

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