Committee of Moscow Public Organizations


January 24, 2022

The Committee of Moscow Public Organizations is a body responsible for coordinating public organizations in Moscow from February to August 1917. The committee represented the Provisional Government in Moscow.


The decision to create a committee was made at a meeting of members of the All-Russian Union of Trade and Industry, which took place on February 27, 1917 at the apartment of P.P. Ryabushinsky. The first head of the committee was the Duma deputy N. M. Kishkin. After that, at the initiative of the mayor M.V. Chelnokov, a council of public figures was assembled in the Moscow City Duma with the aim of consolidating the public organizations of the city and confronting anarchy. The organizing committee included representatives of the provincial and district zemstvos, city and zemstvo unions, the city duma, the military-technical assistance committee, the military-industrial committee, workers' and cooperative organizations, and representatives of trade workers. The first meeting was held on March 1, 1917. It was decided that the committee would become the representative of the Provisional Government in Moscow. An appeal was issued to the residents of the city of Moscow with a request to remain calm and maintain order. From the three curiae (qualified, workers and democratic) was elected an organizing committee consisting of 15 people. On March 3, in agreement with the committee, the Moscow commissar began to lead the commissariat of the Moscow city government. At the meetings of the committee, which were held publicly and openly, the most important issues of the life of Moscow were brought up for discussion. The Executive Committee usually dealt with issues requiring immediate action. Later, the committee included representatives from military organizations, the Council of the Congress of Representatives of the Society for the Improvement of Dachas near Moscow, towns and suburbs, the board of the Pirogov Society of Russian Doctors, the Association of Moscow Exchange Artels, and the Council of Associations of National Organizations. In April 1917, the committee had 528 members. The main part of the work of the committee was carried out by the Executive Committee, which included: the mayor's committee, the food committee, the military council, the police department, the council of representatives

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