Royal Institute of British Architects


January 24, 2022

The Royal Institute of British Architects or RIBA is the professional body for architects, primarily in the UK but also internationally. Founded for the development of architecture in accordance with its charter issued in 1837 and the Supplementary Charter issued in 1971.


Originally called the Institute of British Architects in London, it was founded in 1834 by several eminent architects, including Decimus Burton, Philip Hardwick, Thomas All, William Donthorne, Thomas Leverton Donaldson, William Adams Nicholson, John Buonarotti Papworth, Thomas de Grey, 2- m Comte de Grey. After the issuance of a royal charter, it became known as the Royal Institute of British Architects in London. In 1892 he relinquished his link to London. In 1934, the institute moved to its current headquarters in Portland Place, where the building was opened by King George V and Queen Mary. royal charter The Institute received its Royal Charter in 1837 under King William IV. The supplementary statutes of 1887, 1909 and 1925 were replaced by a single statute in 1971 and have been slightly amended since. The original charter of 1837 defined the purpose of the Royal Institution: "... the general promotion of civil architecture, and the promotion and facilitation of the acquisition of knowledge in the various arts and sciences ...". Any amendment to the Statutes or Statutes requires the approval of the Privy Council. Motto The design of the institute's medal with Mycenaean lions and the Latin motto Usui civium, decori urbium has been attributed to Thomas Leverton Donaldson, who was honorary secretary until 1839. The RIBA guide to its archive and history (Angela Mace, 1986) records that the first official version of the Lion's Gate badge at Mycenae was used as a bookplate for the institute's library and publications from 1835 to 1891, when it was revised. J. H. Metcalfe. It was revised again in 1931 by Eric Gill and in 1960 by Joan Hassall. architectural education In the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the RIBA and its members played a leading role in the promotion of architectural education in the United Kingdom, including the creation of the Architecture Registration Board.

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