Royal Society of Antiquities


January 24, 2022

The Royal Society of Antiquaries of London is a national historical and archaeological scientific and charitable society of Great Britain, founded in 1707 under the name of the Society of Antiquaries. In 1751 he was granted a Royal Charter. The society, along with the Royal Academy of Arts and four other learned societies in the UK, is located in Burlington House, a Palladian mansion in Piccadilly Street, London, which is owned by the government.


Great Britain as a state arose in 1707 as a result of the Act of Union between England and Scotland. This event, which served as a surge of interest in national history, led, among other things, to the emergence of the Society of Antiquaries. Among the founders of the society was the antiquary John Talman. The first secretary of the society was William Stukeley. The organization, established in support of national museums, libraries and galleries, has long been the main repository of ancient artifacts, graphics, rare books, manuscripts and paintings. Currently, members of the society are more than 2,900 people involved in collecting and studying the history of Great Britain. Members of the society add to their surnames the abbreviation (en: Post-nominal letters) FSA (Eng. Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries).

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