Kortiev, Levan Ismailovich


May 28, 2022

Levan Ismailovich Kortiev (Ossetian Kortiaty Levan; December 28, 1939, Tetritskaro district of the GSSR - January 18, 2022) - professor, candidate of technical sciences, corresponding member of MANEB, academician of the Russian Academy of Transport, author of more than a hundred scientific papers. Known as one of the initiators and engineers of the construction of the Transcaucasian Highway (Transkam), today the only road from Russia to South Ossetia. He led an active social life, participated in the work of the international social movement of Ira Styr Nykhas (“Supreme Council of Ossetians”).


After graduating from a rural school, Kortiyev was drafted into the army, then studied in Tbilisi, at the Georgian Polytechnic Institute, worked in construction organizations in Tbilisi on the construction of roads and tunnels. Immediately after the university, he was sent to South Ossetia, to the village of Dzhava (Dzau), as the head of the road section, for about a year he was deputy chairman of the Dzau district executive committee. When preparations began for the construction of the Transcaucasian Highway, Kortiev participated in the organization of the southern section of the route, in 1975-82 he was its chief. When the Transkam was already built, in 1988 Kortiev defended his Ph.D. thesis at the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers. In 1995-2001, he worked as the chief engineer of the directorate of the Zaramagsky HPPs in North Ossetia, then he was engaged in entrepreneurial activities and headed the department of organization and traffic safety of the SKGMI (Vladikavkaz), founded the Transkam Museum at the SKGMI. In the last years of his life, he organized the installation of a monument to Leningrad engineers (P. E. Pikkel, A. I. Petrov, P. I. Yakovlev), who died near the village of Ruk in 1960 while designing the Transcaucasian Highway. He worked on a project for a railroad through the Main Caucasian Range. He was going to open a museum for the construction of the Transkam in Tskhinvali, prepared materials for a future exhibition, spoke in the local press, talking about the history of the road. “He was a chronicler of this construction site, having published two monographs on the history of the construction of a transport link between South Ossetia and North Ossetia,” South Ossetian ethnographer and historian Rob tells about Kortiyev.