Coubertin, Pierre


July 3, 2022

Pierre de Fredy, Baron de Coubertin (fr. Pierre de Frédy, baron de Coubertin) (January 1, 1863, Paris - September 2, 1937, Geneva) - French sports and public figure, historian, teacher, writer. Initiator of the organization of the modern Olympic Games. President of the International Olympic Committee (1896-1916, 1919-1925).


Born in Paris into an aristocratic family, the third child of Charles Louis de Fredy and Agatha-Gabrielle de Mirville. Having visited a number of colleges and universities in Great Britain and America, I decided to diversify my education. Coubertin attached great importance to sports as an important component of the life of young people, one of the conditions for the harmonious development of the individual. In particular, Coubertin was fond of rugby and acted as a referee in the final match of the first French championship between the Racing Metro and Stade Francais teams. In his youth he was engaged in fencing, rowing, boxing. Olympic Games Coubertin thought a lot about the idea of ​​holding international competitions in order to popularize the sport. Noticing the increased public interest in the ancient Olympic Games, caused by high-profile archaeological discoveries in Olympia, Coubertin developed a project for the revival of the Olympic Games and spoke on November 25, 1892 at the University of Paris, with a report "Revival of Olympism". There he met the Russian general A. D. Butovsky, who shared his views on sports, his place in the system of upbringing and education of youth. He also found support from the general for the idea of ​​reviving the Olympic Games. On June 23, 1894, at the Sorbonne Congress, the decision was made: “Since there is no doubt about the advantages presented by the revival of the Olympic Games, both from the point of view of sports and internationally, let these games be revived on foundations that correspond to the requirements of modern life.” The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was also established, in which Coubertin took the post of general secretary. It was decided to hold games every 4 years. After discussion, the congress supported the proposal of Coubertin's friend Demetrius Vikelas to hold the first modern Olympic Games in Athens, as a sign of the continuity of the games of antiquity. Demetrius Vik�