Kunduz (province)


October 17, 2021

Kunduz (dari کندوز - Konduz, Pashto کندوز - Qunduz uzb.qunduz) is a province in the north-east of Afghanistan. In the north it borders with Tajikistan, in the west - with the Balkh province, in the east - with Takhar, in the south - with Baghlan, in the southwest - with Samangan. The administrative center is the city of Kunduz.


In the era of the Greco-Bactrian kingdom, the city of Ai-Khanum was located on the territory of the province. XX century From 1918-1938, the province was an outpost and a transshipment base for numerous detachments of the Basmachi "kurbashi" - Ibrahim-bek, Madamin-bek, Mahmud-bek, Dzhunaid -khan, Utan-bey, Kurshirmat, Abdul Ahad Kara, Seyid-Mubashir-Khan Tirazi, Enver-pasha, Jafar-khan, D. Sardar, Nurmamada, Kizil-Ayaka, etc. In the early 1990s, the base and transshipment bases of the irreconcilable Tajik opposition were located here. see War in Afghanistan (2001-2014), War in Afghanistan (since 2015) 2016: In August, government forces succeeded in recapturing the strategically important Khanabad district from the Taliban.

Administrative divisions

Kunduz province is divided into 7 districts: Aliabad Dasht-i-Archi Imam Sahib Khanabad Kunduz Kalayi Hall Chakhardara


The main population of the province is Tajik, and Pashtuns, Uzbeks, Hazaras, Turkmens, ethnic Arabs and other peoples also live.


Isaqueil Haqqani Madras, etc. Mulla Ghulam

History and geography

The decades-long Afghan crisis has created a number of political phenomena in the region. One of them was the "Kunduz factor" associated with the special status of the Kunduz province in the Afghan political system and in the regional security structure. Uniting seven counties - Ali-Abad, Archi, Imam-Sahib, Khanabad, Kunduz, Kalayi-Zal, Chahardara province - Kunduz vilayat is located in the north-east of Afghanistan. Unlike other Afghan vilayats, Pashtuns, Tajiks, Uzbeks, Hazaras and ethnic Arabs live in Kunduz in almost equal numbers. The outer border of Kunduz province is the de facto gateway from South to Central Asia. The geopolitical position of Kunduz has also shaped its special status in the field of regional security. Depending on the political circumstances, the Kunduz bridgehead turns

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