May 22, 2022

Logo (from other Greek λόγος - word + τύπος - imprint) - a graphic sign, emblem or symbol used by territorial entities, commercial enterprises, organizations and individuals to increase recognition and recognition in society. The logo is the name of the entity it identifies, in the form of stylized letters and/or ideograms. A logo can become a trademark after being registered with the relevant organization and obtaining a patent for it.


The term "logotype" appeared at the beginning of the 19th century in typography and was synonymous with the term "ligature", that is, it denoted the union of two or three characters of a typographic font. It arose on a wave of production growth, which led to an increase in production volumes, an increase in exports and competition. By the middle of the 19th century, a logo was any text cliché that did not need to be retyped each time. For example, the headline is the name of a newspaper. In the 20th century, a stylized typeface of the name or the name itself in such a style began to be called a logo. The first officially registered logo was the font trademark (in combination with the graphic red triangle) of Bass beer. Registration was issued at the British Patent Office on January 1, 1876 under No. 1, and on the eve of the owner of Bass & Co. spent the whole New Year's Eve at the doors of the Patent Office, waiting for the opening, in order to be sure to be the first. The trademark, logo, as well as the drink itself, still exist. Early logos include Coca-Cola (1886), Gebrüder Thonet (curved wood furniture, 1859 - unregistered at the time). Interestingly, some of the world famous logos today were not drawn by professional artists or designers, but by the owners of companies, assistants, accountants and other people who have nothing to do with art and design. With the development of industrial graphics, the logo began to be used in stable combinations with other attributes of identifying companies or organizations: graphic trademarks, props, elements of a "corporate" decor (for example, with rapport). Such stable combinations are called "signature blocks". Other