Luftwaffe Bundeswehr


January 24, 2022

The Luftwaffe of the Bundeswehr or the German Air Force (it. Luftwaffe der Bundeswehr (Lw Bw) is one of the branches of the armed forces of Germany (FRG).


The German Air Force was created in 1956, eleven years after the end of World War II. The foundation of the German army was preceded by the signing of agreements in Paris in 1954, according to which the occupation regime was abolished on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany and its state sovereignty was restored. The Italian light fighter-bomber Aeritalia G.91 became the first combat aircraft purchased by the German Bundeswehr (later, its licensed production was also established in Germany). After the unification of the two Germanys on September 12, 1990, the Luftstreitkreft NNA of the GDR became part of the Luftwaffe of the Bundeswehr. At that time, the air force of Germany was the maximum, after the Second World War, the number - 100 thousand people. After that, in connection with the end of the Cold War, a full-scale reduction of the German Air Force began. In 2002, the number of combat aviation formations was reduced by 25%, by 30 - anti-aircraft missile units, by 50 - radar formations and rear units. The reform of the organizational and staffing structure of the Air Force operational command was completed by April 2002, and the North and South Air Force commands were disbanded in October 2002. The headquarters of the 1st Aviation Division was relocated from Karlsruhe to Furstenfeldbrück in April 2002, and in December 2003 the 34th Fighter-Bomber Squadron was disbanded. The process of transferring warehouses and storage facilities from the Air Force to the OSO began in January 2002 and ended in December 2003.


The German Air Force is headed by an inspector, who manages them through the Air Force Command. The total number of the Air Force is 28.6 thousand military personnel, they include: one reconnaissance, one fighter-bomber, four multipurpose fighter squadrons (German: Geschwader) and one anti-aircraft missile squadron, two operational control areas and a regiment for covering objects, one helicopter and the three Wings of the Military Transport Aviation (VTA), the German Ministry of Defense's aviation transport group; two regiments

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