Mann, Thomas


July 6, 2022

Paul Thomas Mann (German Paul Thomas Mann, June 6, 1875, Lübeck - August 12, 1955, Zurich) - German writer, essayist, master of the epic novel, Nobel Prize in Literature (1929), younger brother of Heinrich Mann, father of Klaus Mann, Golo Mann and Erica Mann.


Origins and early years

Paul Thomas Mann, the most famous representative of his family, rich in famous writers, was born on June 6, 1875 in the family of a wealthy Lübeck merchant Thomas Johann Heinrich Mann (1840-1891), who served as a city senator. Thomas' mother, Julia Mann, née da Silva-Bruns (1851–1923), came from a family with Brazilian roots. The Mann family was quite numerous. Thomas had two brothers and two sisters: an older brother, the famous writer Heinrich Mann (1871-1950), a younger brother Viktor (1890-1949) and two sisters Julia (1877-1927, suicide) and Carla (1881-1910, suicide) . The Mann family was prosperous, the childhood of the brothers and sisters was carefree, almost cloudless. In 1891, the father of the family died of cancer. According to his will, the family business and the house in Lübeck were sold, so that his wife and children had to be content with interest on the proceeds.

Beginning of writing career

After the death of his father in 1891 and the sale of the family firm, the family moved to Munich, where Thomas Mann lived (with short breaks) until 1933. In the mid-1890s, Thomas and Heinrich left for Italy for a while. However, even in Lübeck, Thomas Mann began to show himself in the literary field as a publisher and author of the literary and philosophical journal Spring Storm, and later wrote articles for the journal Twentieth Century published by his brother Heinrich. Upon his return from Italy, Thomas Mann briefly (1898-1899) worked as editor of the popular German satirical magazine Simplicissimus, completed a year's military service and published his first short stories. Fame came to Mann in 1901, when the first novel, The Buddenbrooks, was published. In this novel, which was based on the history of his own family, Mann described the history of the decline and degeneration of the merchant dynasty from Lübeck. Each new generation of this family is less and less able to continue the work of their fathers due to the lack of their inherent burgher qualities.