Holocaust Memorial Center of the Jews of Macedonia


August 11, 2022

Holocaust Memorial Center of the Jews of Macedonia Dedicated to the Holocaust of 7148 Jews who lived in the territory of today's North Macedonia, and the history of Jews in the Balkans.


The construction of the museum began in 2005. The Memorial Center was opened on March 10, 2011, exactly 68 years after German troops deported Macedonian Jews to the Treblinka extermination camp. At the time of its opening, it was only the fourth center of its kind after the facilities in Washington, Jerusalem and Berlin. Its opening was attended by dignitaries from North Macedonia, Israel and other countries, including Macedonian Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, President Gheorghe Ivanov, Deputy Prime Minister of Israel Moshe Yaalon, Presidents of Montenegro and Albania Filip Vujanovic and Bamir Topi, members of the Knesset, religious leaders and diplomats. According to the North Macedonian media, 23 million US dollars were spent on the construction of the museum. The memorial museum is located in the former Jewish quarter of Skopje, which was the center of the daily life of the Jewish population until the deportation of the Jews. The museum is located behind the Museum of the Macedonian Struggle on the banks of the Vardar River. Over 3,000 people visited the Center during the first three days of operation. Museum exhibits include one of the boxcars in which the Nazis deported Macedonian Jews and a 500-year-old Torah scroll.