Miller, Lee


July 3, 2022

Lee Miller (Eng. Lee Miller, actually Elizabeth Miller, April 23, 1907, Poughkeepsie, New York - July 21, 1977, Chiddingley, East Sussex) was an American fashion photographer, Vogue cover model, war correspondent who filmed the liberation of Dachau and Auschwitz, Picasso's friend.

Biography and creativity

The daughter of an engineer, inventor, amateur photographer who took pictures of his daughter, including naked, when she was not even 10 years old. My father formed an interest in photography in his early years. In the 1920s she was a fashion model in New York. She was photographed by Edward Steichen, one of the pictures was used in an advertisement for Kotex women's tampons, which caused a scandal. In 1929 she moved to Paris, became an assistant and model for Man Ray (photographs 1930-1931 "Neck", "Lee Miller", "Electricity"). I started taking pictures myself, some of Ray's photos from this period were actually taken by Lee Miller. Together with Ray, she used the solarization technique. She became an active participant in the surrealist movement, became close to Picasso (he painted her portrait, 1937, see: [1]), Eluard, Cocteau, starred as a statue in Cocteau's film The Poet's Blood (1930). In 1932 she returned to New York, continued her studies in photography, and opened her own studio. Among her works of this time are portraits of Joseph Cornell, actresses Lillian Harvey and Gertrude Lawrence. In 1933, the only solo exhibition of Miller's work was held at the gallery of the New York art dealer Julien Levy. In 1934 she married Egyptian businessman Aziz Bey and moved to Egypt. Although Miller did not work as a professional photographer during this period, her Egyptian photographs, including Portrait of Space, are considered some of the artist's most striking surrealist images. In Cairo, Miller takes a photograph of the desert near the Siwa Oasis, which inspired René Magritte's Le Baiser (1938). In 1937, Lee Miller left her husband and returned to Paris, where she met her future husband, the English surrealist artist, curator of exhibitions of the latest art, Roland Penrose. During World War II, she was a photojournalist working for Vogue magazine. She was accredited as a war correspondent, filmed the landing of the allies, the first use of napalm during the siege of Saint-Malo, the liberation of Paris, the Buchen camp�