Mozzhukhin, Ivan Ilyich


May 28, 2022

Ivan Ilyich Mozzhukhin (September 26 (October 8), 1889, Kondol, Saratov province - January 17, 1939, Paris) - Russian actor, screenwriter and director of the silent film era, also worked in France, Germany and the USA.


Born on September 26 (October 8), 1889 in the village of Kondol, Petrovsky district, Saratov province (now Penza district, Penza region). Paternal grandfather, Ivan Semyonovich Mozzhukhin, was a serf. He served as the manager of the estate of the landowners Bakhmetev and the princes Obolensky. In this post, he showed administrative abilities, for which all his children were granted freedom. Ilya Ivanovich, nevertheless, remained to work with his father, subsequently inheriting the position of manager. He was married to the daughter of the local priest Ivan Apollonovich Lastochkin - Rakhil Ivanovna. Ivan Mozzhukhin was the youngest of four sons. He spent his childhood and youth in Penza. The whole family was fond of the theater (his older brother Alexander later became a famous opera singer), and Ivan performed in amateur performances from childhood, including in the Penza Folk Theater. From 1899 to 1907 he studied at the 2nd Penza Men's Gymnasium, which Vsevolod Meyerhold also graduated from (the historical building of the gymnasium on Volodarsky Street, 5 has survived to this day and is a monument of history and culture of federal significance; currently it houses the education department of the city of On May 19, 2016, a memorial plaque in high relief to I. I. Mozzhukhin was solemnly opened there. After graduating from the gymnasium, I. I. Mozzhukhin studied two courses at the Faculty of Law of Moscow University, after which he went into acting. He worked in an entreprise in provincial theaters, then in the theater troupe of the Moscow Vvedensky People's House. Having started acting in films in 1911 in the films of Khanzhonkov's company, Mozzhukhin quickly achieved success thanks to acting expressiveness and the fact that he easily changed roles - he was equally brilliant in both tragic and comic roles, and heroic lovers, and the grotesque. Among his works are the violinist Trukhachevsky in The Kreutzer Sonata (1911), Admiral Kornilov in The Defense of Sevastopol (1911), Mavrushka (he is also a Guards officer) in Chardynin’s House in Kolomna (1913), The Devil in N