August 11, 2022

Sodomy (also sodomy, obsolete muzheleganie) is one of the terms in Russian used to refer to homosexual sexual intercourse between men. The term was introduced into use by ancient Russian church law, which under this concept understood exclusively homosexual anal intercourse. In modern Russian, the term "sodomy" has a bookish stylistic coloring and often implies a legal or religious context and often has a negative connotation. Men who practice sodomy are called sodomists or sodomists. This designation can also be found in many religious contexts, in particular in the Synodal Translation officially adopted by the Russian Orthodox Church.

Various interpretations of the word

The terminological interpretation of sodomy is very diverse. Different sources differ in its definition and understanding.

General encyclopedic definitions

Dictionaries and encyclopedias on general subjects, as well as reference books on the Russian language, identify sodomy with male homosexuality in general or with pederasty in particular, or indicate only the presence of sexual contacts between men, regardless of their sexual orientation. Often in such dictionaries there is a perverse character, perversity of sodomy.

Medical definitions

Medical and psychological dictionaries and encyclopedias often equate sodomy with homosexuality, emphasizing in some cases the indispensable presence of anal intercourse. Doctor of Medical Sciences G. B. Deryagin notes that the identification of sodomy and homosexuality is incorrect, since sodomy is a specific action, and homosexuality is a phenomenon. In particular, sodomy (both in an active and a passive role) can be committed by a person without the presence of homosexuality, for example, during sexual violence, in prison or under other forced circumstances. Homosexuality of a man also does not mean the indispensable practice of sodomy: according to various studies, up to 25% of homosexual men do not commit acts of sodomy, preferring other forms of sexual mutual satisfaction, primarily �