January 24, 2022

. Nigeria (English Nigeria [naɪdʒɪrɪə], full name - the Federal Republic of Nigeria (English Federal Republic of Nigeria; Igbo Republic ndi Naigeria; Yoruba Orílẹ-èdè Olómìnira Àpapọ ilẹ Nàìjíríà; Hausa Jam-huriyar Taraiyar Nijeriya; Fula Republik Federaal bu Niiseriya). is a state in West Africa.The territory of Nigeria is 923,768 km2: according to this indicator, the country ranks 3rd in the region, 14th in Africa and 31st in the world. In terms of population, it surpasses all other African countries: population is 210 million people, the sixth in the world, according to the data for 2020. According to the forecasts of scientists from the University of Washington, published in the medical journal The Lancet on July 14, 2020, the population of Nigeria by 2100 will grow to 791 million people, which will make it the second most populous country in the world after India, where by then the population will drop to 1.09 billion people (and China will only be the third most populous country in the world, since its population is izitsya up to 732 million people). The capital is Abuja, the country also includes Lagos, the largest city in Africa (it was the capital until December 12, 1991). The official language is English, in total more than 500 languages, a significant part of the population speaks two or more. Federal state, presidential republic. Following the results of the regular presidential elections held on February 23, 2019, Mohammadu Buhari was re-elected to the post of head of state: his second presidential term began on May 29, 2019. The post of vice president for the next 4 years was again taken by Yemi Osinbajo. It is subdivided into 36 states and one federal capital territory, which in turn are divided into 774 local government territories. Located in the Western part of the African continent. Washed by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. It borders Benin to the west, Niger to the north, Chad to the northeast, and Cameroon to the east. It has significant ethnic and cultural diversity. Islam and Christianity are approximately equally widespread; in terms of the number of Muslims, it ranks first in Africa. A predominantly agricultural country with large reserves of oil and other natural resources, a member of OPEC. GDP at purchasing power parity for 2019 is $1.169 trillion (#1 in Africa)

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