Odessa film studio


May 28, 2022

Odessa Film Studio (Ukrainian: Odeska Film Studio of Artistic Films) is a Ukrainian, formerly Soviet film studio located in Odessa. One of two film production centers in Ukraine (the other is in Kyiv). It traces its history back to 1907, when photographer Miron Grossman opened a private film studio Mirograph and began filming local news. In 1913, on the territory of his brother's dacha at 16 French Boulevard, he built a modest glass pavilion and a film processing laboratory. As a state film studio, it was formed in 1919 as a result of the nationalization and merger of the private film factories of Grossman, Kharitonov and Borisov. Since 1922 - the First State Film Factory of the All-Ukrainian Photo Film Administration (VUFKU), since 1930 - the Odessa Factory of Ukrainfilm, since 1932 - the First Komsomol Film Factory of Ukrainfilm, from 1938 to 1941 - the Odessa Film Studio of Feature Films. During the Great Patriotic War, it was part of the Tashkent film studio. After the war, the Black Sea film factory became the summer base of the Mosfilm film studio. In 1955, the Odessa Film Studio resumed its own film production. In 2005, it was reorganized into a private joint stock company (PJSC). 50%+1 share of PJSC "Odessa Film Studio" belongs to the state.


The Odessa film studio has been leading its history since 1907. It was then that the photographer Miron Osipovich Grossman (Ukrainian Grossman Miron Yosipovich; 1866-1937), having opened a film studio, began to shoot a local chronicle. In May 1913, he founded the Mirograph partnership, which produced films on popular themes, tested in European cinema. In 1913, the Mizrach film company was also opened, making films that promoted the departure of Jews to the "promised land." During the First World War, the flow of foreign films completely stopped, which became a help for the development of local film production. In 1916, Mordko Tovbin, the owner of the well-known Polish film enterprises Sila and Kosmofilm, was evacuated from Warsaw to Odessa. Tovbin owned shares in Yuzhny Bank, whose assets included the Mirograph studio. So he became a partner of Myron Grossman. From 1916 to 1917 the Mirograph studio released 10 films. After the October