Warsaw Pact organization


May 22, 2022

Warsaw Pact (Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance) from May 14, 1955 to July 1, 1991 - a document that formalized the creation of a military union of European socialist states with the leading role of the USSR - the Warsaw Pact Organization (WTO) and fixed the bipolarity of the world for 36 years . The conclusion of the treaty was a response to the accession of Germany to NATO. The treaty was signed by Albania, Bulgaria, Hungary, the GDR, Poland, Romania, the USSR and Czechoslovakia on May 14, 1955 at the Warsaw Conference of European States to ensure peace and security in Europe. The treaty entered into force on June 5, 1955. April 26, 1985, due to the expiration date, was extended for 20 years. As of July 1, 1987, the Armed Forces of the Warsaw Pact countries amounted to 6,435,900 people. After the displacement of communist regimes in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in 1989-1990, the existence of the Warsaw Pact Organization as a military-political alliance of socialist countries lost its meaning. On February 25, 1991, the member states of the Warsaw Treaty Organization abolished its military structures, and on July 1, 1991 in Prague they signed a Protocol on the complete termination of the Treaty.


The structure included eight socialist states:

Contract terms

The treaty consisted of a preamble and 11 articles. In accordance with its terms and the Charter of the United Nations, the states parties to the Warsaw Pact pledged to refrain in their international relations from the threat or use of force, and in the event of an armed attack on any of them, to provide immediate assistance to the states that were attacked by all means that presented themselves to them. necessary, including the use of armed forces.

Governing Bodies

The Political Advisory Committee (PAC) is the organization's highest collective body. Created to conduct consultations and consider issues arising in connection with the implementation of the Warsaw Pact. The Joint Command of the Armed Forces (OKVS) - to ensure the interaction of the armed forces and strengthen the defense capability of the countries participating in the Warsaw Pact. The headquarters (headquarters) of the organization was located in Moscow. October 3, 1972 in the Western press was in