July 3, 2022

Skydiving (or skydiving from the English sky diving - literally translated as "diving from heaven") is one of the aviation sports associated with the use of parachutes. The goals and objectives of parachuting are constantly changing. If initially the parachute was intended to save lives, later it became an important element in the preparation of the landing. Modern parachuting includes disciplines related to precision canopy piloting, such as canopy, precision landing and swoop, as well as various artistic sports, such as freestyle, freefall rebuilding, group acrobatics and freefly.



Official parachuting competitions in Russia are held in the following sports disciplines: Landing accuracy (group, individual) Biathlon (accuracy landing, acrobatics, team competition) Acrobatics group (2, 4, 8, 6 or 10, large formation, large formation-change formation) Acrobatics vertical Acrobatics dome (2-change formation, 4-rotation, 4-change formation, 8-speed formation, large formation) Dome piloting (all-around, range, speed, accuracy) Athletic all-around Paraski (combination, accuracy, biathlon - team competition) skysurfing Freestyle freeflying Wingsuit flights Flights in vertical wind tunnelsIn Russia, the following types of parachuting activity are not yet regulated by official sports rules base jumping

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