May 28, 2022

Singer, singer - one who sings, is engaged in singing; performer of vocal music: songs, romances, arias, choirs, etc.; a musician who plays music on a musical instrument, which is his own voice. The singer is the most common type of vocalist.

Classification by genre

Singers specialize in a particular musical genre: Opera singer chamber singer - performs vocal music at a concert, most often accompanied by a piano or other musical instrument jazz singer crooner folk singer rock singer bard chanson singer chorister - choir artist, in the church - chorister.

Classification by votes

In classical music and opera, the voice is treated exclusively as a musical instrument. Composers write music for this instrument, taking into account the skill and characteristics of the singer's voice. There are many systems for classifying voices (and singers, respectively). Some of them take into account the power of the voice, that is, how loud the singer can sing; others - how mobile, virtuoso, distinct the singer's voice is; still others include non-musical characteristics, such as appearance, acting skills, etc. Most often, a classification is used that takes into account the range of the voice and the gender of the singer. Even guided only by these two criteria, many varieties are obtained. Here are the six main ones. Female voices: soprano - high female voice mezzo-soprano - medium female voice contralto - a low female voice (in choral music it is customary to call it simply viola) Male voices: tenor - high male voice baritone - medium male voice bass - low male voice Other varieties - coloratura soprano, dramatic tenor, bass-baritone, bass buffo, bass profundo. There is also a category of male singers who sing in the range of a female voice. This type of voice is rare, but is still used mainly in opera. In Baroque music, many roles were written for castrati, male singers who underwent castration during their teenage years to prevent voice mutation in order to maintain a high, female-like voice (see Castrati Singers). In modern vocal performance, e�