Pogankin Chambers


January 23, 2022

Pogankiny Chambers is a stone residential, warehouse and industrial building within the boundaries of the Round City of Pskov, built in the middle of the 17th century. It is located at the address: Nekrasova street, house 5. The building is made of local limestone and consists of three parts: three-, two- and one-story, which once had wooden superstructures-towers. The building of the Pogankin Chambers is a monument of history and culture, an object of cultural heritage of Russia of federal significance. The building was built in the 17th century by order of one of the most influential people of Pskov, the merchant Sergei Ivanovich Pogankin, and was intended both for the residence of the merchant himself with his family and servants, and for production needs. After the death of all members of the family, in the 1710s the building passed into the hands of the Rimsky-Korsakovs, from whom it was rented by the treasury for warehouses, and in 1747 it was redeemed by the treasury. The building was rebuilt as a warehouse and in the process of alteration lost the wooden residential part. At the beginning of the 20th century, the chambers were transferred to the museum of the Pskov Archaeological Society, which still operates today.


The building of the Pogankin Chambers is located in Pskov, within the boundaries of the Roundabout City, in the historical district of Polonishche, and has the address Nekrasova Street, Building 5 (in 1975 - Building 7). Initially, the territory of the chambers was surrounded by a moat, which by the 19th century had already been filled up. The chambers, which form the letter P in plan, consist of three volumes: L-shaped three-story (western building), L-shaped two-story (southern) and one-story (eastern building). The walls, at the base of the three-story part, reaching a thickness of 2 meters, are made of limestone slabs fastened with lime mortar. Externally, the stone part of the house refers to the fortress and church architecture of Pskov of the 17th century - the whitewashed walls are laconic and have no decorations, 105 small windows are located at different heights and different distances from each other, repeating the complex horizontal and vertical layout of the interior. Window openings with twisted gratings installed in them are located in rectangular depressions designed to install movable sashes with iron shutters in such a way that the closed shutters are flush with the surface of the walls. He towered above the stone chambers

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