Friends, to the front!


July 6, 2022

"Girlfriends, to the front!" - Soviet short propaganda film of 1941. A kind of spin-off of the film "Front-line girlfriends". The first film of the Lenfilm studio filmed during the Great Patriotic War: filming began already on June 24, 1941, was released on July 14, 1941.


The heroines of the film “Front-line Friends” that the audience loved, participated in the film - according to the plot, the medical instructors from this film Lyolya, Natasha, Tamara and Zina urge Soviet girls to enroll in nursing courses and go to the front. In this film, the main character is the episodic heroine of the film “Frontline Friends” - Lyolya “Chizhik”, Olga Fedorina playing her was not an actress, but a student of the 1st Leningrad Medical Institute, and already during the release of the film on the screen she really went to the front and became surgical nurse of the medical battalion.


Olga Fedorina - Lyolya Fedorina, "Chizhik" Grigory Lyubimov - Commissar Zoya Fedorova - Natasha Tamara Aleshina - Zina Manefa Sobolevskaya - Tamara Ekaterina Melentieva-Boyarskaya - Shura


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