Government of Kazakhstan


January 24, 2022

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan Respublikasynyn Ukimeti) is a collegial body exercising the executive power of the Republic of Kazakhstan, heads the system of executive bodies and manages their activities. The Government is formed by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the manner prescribed by the Constitution.


On August 30, 1995, a referendum was held on the adoption of a new Constitution of the country. The new fundamental law of the country laid the foundation for the creation of state bodies of independent Kazakhstan. Thus, after the referendum, in order to ensure the implementation of the norms of the Constitution and the activities of new state bodies, a number of constitutional laws were adopted regulating their powers and functions. For example, the Constitutional Law “On Elections in the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the Constitutional Law “On the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, the Constitutional Law “On the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Status of its Deputies”, including the Constitutional Law “On the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan”, it was adopted on 18 December 1995. On February 21, the President of Kazakhstan dissolved the government. On January 5, 2022, amid protests, President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev dismissed the government of Askar Mamin, and Smailov Alikhan Askhanovich was appointed acting prime minister. On January 11, 2021, a new government headed by Alikhan Smailov was approved.

Current government (since January 11, 2022)

The current composition of the government under the leadership of Alikhan Smailov:


Functions of the Government

The Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan performs the following functions: develops the main directions of the socio-economic policy of the state, its defense capability, security, ensuring public order and organizes their implementation; develops and submits to the Parliament the republican budget and a report on its implementation, ensures the implementation of the budget; submits draft laws to the Majilis and ensures the implementation of laws; organizes the management of state property; develops measures for the implementation of the foreign policy of the Republic; supervises the activities of the ministries

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