Law enforcement


July 3, 2022

Law enforcement agencies, law enforcement agencies - a separate group of state bodies that carry out activities to protect the rights and freedoms of man and citizen, the protection of public order, law and order and the rule of law in society and the state. Under certain conditions, law enforcement agencies can be used as a weapon against another group or circle of individuals in order to achieve political, economic or social goals through the implementation of collective (state) violence (in the form of genocide, repression, disappearances, torture, conscription into the army or alternative civil service and other human rights violations).

The concept of law enforcement

Law enforcement activity is a type of state activity that is carried out with the aim of protecting the right by applying legal measures of influence in strict accordance with the law and with strict observance of the procedure established by it.

Law Enforcement Functions

All law enforcement agencies perform one or more of the following functions: constitutional control Prosecutor supervision Execution of justice Investigation of offenses Security Enforcement of judgments Operational-search activity Public order protection Providing legal assistance Preventive activities for the prevention of crime and its prevention

Types of Law Enforcement

Bodies for detecting and investigating crimes Legal Aid Bodies Law enforcement and security agencies

Law enforcement agencies in Russia

In general, in Russia, law enforcement bodies include paramilitary bodies that carry out operational, investigative or prosecutorial activities on the basis of special laws. Law enforcement or military service is provided in such bodies: Prosecutor's Office investigative committee Federal Security Service Military Police of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation Ministry of the Interior Police (until 2011 - police) National Guard Federal Customs Service (only its law enforcement units) Ministry of Justice Fed�