October 17, 2021

Telephone prank (English prank call, from English prank - "leprosy, trick, prank, prank, joke"), until the mid-2000s in Russian, the phrase "telephone joke" was also used - telephone hooliganism or a telephone prank, representing It is a call to any person (usually anonymous) followed by a dialogue that puts the interlocutor in a state of confusion: the rally is often based on "the logic of the absurd." Initially, the word "prank" in Russian meant most often just a telephone rally, until the meaning of this word became broader, as in English; in English, pranks, regardless of their nature, are denoted by the word "prank", and telephone hooliganism itself - by the term "phone pranks" or "prank calls", being considered a kind of prank as such. People who practice prank are called prankers. In the course of a phone prank, the caller, through provocations and banter, brings the victim to the state he needs: the victim's response is usually confusion, anger or rage, and often this reaction is accompanied by an incessant stream of curses. Communication within the framework of the drawing can be recorded and further distributed on the Internet. A characteristic feature of a telephone prank is the constant calling of the same victims with the aim of re-bringing them to a certain reaction and recording phrases that accompany this reaction. Despite the hooligan nature of such pranks, prank in itself is not an offense for which administrative or criminal liability is provided.


The classification of telephone pranks varies from author to author. Various amateur prank sites listed classifications related to the prank pattern, frequency, and purpose. Of the genres, the following pranks can be distinguished by prankers from the portal: "Light-prank" (from the English light - easy) - a telephone prank, the purpose of which is not a prank of the victim, but the very fact of a conversation and obtaining some information. In fact, this is a common heart-to-heart conversation between two strangers with a fair amount of humor, but without harsh vocabulary and harsh provocations. Typical for p�

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