May 28, 2022

RU.TV is a Russian music channel. It is a video version of Russian Radio. Owner - Russian Media Group. Founded October 1, 2006. The founder was Sergey Kozhevnikov.


On January 18, 2017, the RU.TV channel switched to a 16:9 broadcast format and launched a version in the HD standard. ).


The RU.TV channel has several terrestrial, analog frequencies in Russian cities and is one of the TV channels that retains advertising after the law banning it on pay-per-view channels came into force on January 1, 2015. Derbent (35 TVK) Domodedovo (39 TVK) Kaspiysk (25 TVK) Kyzyl (35 TVK) Perm (47 TVK) Simferopol (47 TVK) Makhachkala (25 TVK)


The RU.TV channel broadcasts in Russia on ER-Telecom cable networks ( TV). Since December 1, 2009, the TV channel has been broadcasting in the AKADO analog package in Moscow at a frequency of 543.25 MHz Since December 28, 2010, the RU.TV channel has been broadcasting in the NKS analog package in Moscow at a frequency of 639.25 MHz Since the beginning of 2011, the RU.TV channel has been broadcasting in Moscow on the Mostelecom network. Since August 2011, the RU.TV channel has also appeared on the 106th button of the Online basic tariff (NKS). Since June 2012, the RU.TV channel has been broadcasting in Russia on the cable networks of the MTS Home Television. In addition, broadcasting is carried out on the cable networks of local providers, in the networks of Rostelecom, and other providers. In total, there are about 1000 broadcasting cities in Russia.


TV channel RU.TV broadcasts from satellites: open signal: Yamal-201 (C-band); ABS 2A 75°E (Ku-band) Encoded signal: Eutelsat 36A (Tricolor); Express-AT1 Eutelsat 36A (NTV-Plus) until January 1, 2015; (broadcasting for NTV Plus subscribers continued from May 1, 2015) Eutelsat Hot Bird 13A 13°E (until February 1, 2015) Hispasat 1E.

Network Partners

Labytnangi-TV (Labytnangi); PTK-Auto TV (Perm) MTV POBEGAILO (Slavgorod)


Clip Blocks

"Morning and Dinner with a Star" Morning with a star - Spending a morning with a star is easy! Watch the RU.TV channel and find out everything about how, where, what time and with whom celebrities start their day! Secrets of awakening, morning rituals, healthy breakfasts and stellar life hacks! Mornings can be energizing! Dinner with a Star - One could only dream of this, and now it has become possible! Zivert, Dima Bilan, L